saidi’s take – 5/20/2023

There’s some news from Cannes this week so here is a late movie news….

  • “Fast X” is doing well internationally already.  After 2 days in a few international countries it’s already made $69 million with $37 million just in China.
  • It’s not doing quite as well in the US with current estimates for the 3-day weekend around what it’s already made internationally.
  • At Cannes, “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny” had its world premiere.  Although it had fair reviews (most say it’s OK) it got a 5-minute ovation after the movie.  Also, Harrison Ford got an honorary Palme’ d’Or award.
  • At Cannes, there’s a company promoting a new way to dub languages in a movie using AI.  They say it’s better than out-of-sync dub audio or subtitles.  It can also be used to censor language.  It was already used to remove some people saying “f**k” in a movie.
  • At Cannes, there’s a lot of talk about more streamers and studios working together to produce and release movies like Apple is doing with “Napoleon” (to be released theatrically by Sony Classics) and “Killers of the Flower Moon “ (to be released theatrically by Paramount).
  • Ahead of the world premiere of “Killers of the Flower Moon” at Cannes soon, they just released the first trailer for the movie.
  • Another film production shut down due to the writers’ strike (which everyone is supporting at Cannes) – Aziz Ansaris directorial debut that was filming is now on hold indefinitely due to the strike.
  • If the writers’ strike isn’t resolved by the end of June then things could get a lot worse.  SAG/AFTRA (the actors union) contract expires on July 1.  The SAG/AFTRAs board is already discussing a strike authorization vote.

Little bit of humor….

It was June 1982 (over 40 years ago).  Only 1 movie – “E.T.” – made over $10 million on their domestic opening weekend.  Current movies can make over twice that in a single day.