LAFR Independent Film Awards

The Los Angeles Film Review started life as an entertainment news, review and technology website, devoted to the film industry. The news slowly gave way to a simple review format, as the love of film was always the driving factor for the site. As LAFR nears its third birthday, the love of film continues to be the prime motivator. The Independent Film Awards were conceived in response to the growing field of independently produced films that continue to impress with their creativity and ingenuity. The Los Angeles Film Review wants to recognize that emerging talent.

There are 12 “best of” awards that are eligible for a full review, plus individual honors for best director, best writing and best cinematography. LAFR further recognizes excellence in filmmaking with gold, silver and bronze awards.

The “best of” categories eligible for review are:

Best Animation
Best Comedy
Best Dance Film
Best Documentary
Best Drama
Best Experimental / New Media
Best Feature Film (any category)
Best Foreign Film
Best Horror
Best Science Fiction
Best Short Film (any category)
Best Suspense

There are no screenings, so your premiere status is preserved. Thank you for the opportunity to view your work and you should be proud of your effort! It’s no small thing to finish a film.

Please note, the Los Angeles Film Review reserves the right to limit the number of awards granted at its sole discretion.

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