Submission Guidelines


Accepting submissions exclusively via Film Freeway, the world’s best online film festival aggregator! Click the link above to submit now!

Submissions Guidelines:



  • Due to the waste involved, we do not accept physical media for screening purposes. Please utilize one of the many free online services such as: Vimeo, Film Freeway or YouTube.
  • The only difference in submission deadlines is the fee. The submission and selection process is not affected by the submission date, provided all submissions are received by their respective deadline.
  • However, please submit your work as early as possible to give LAFR the best possible chance to consider your film.
  • The 2016 Los Angeles Film Review Awards films will be reviewed in their entirety and all official selections will be posted on the site by the end of April 2017.
  • No films are given preferential treatment under any circumstances and all films will be democratically selected.
  • No decisions are made until all films have been received and screened.
  • Please do not send any promotional or other materials for your submission, they will be discarded.

Festival terms:
Entrants warrant that they have the legal right to enter their film work to the 2016 Los Angeles Film Review Awards (Awards). All entrants that have submitted to the Awards represent and warrant to the Awards that the Film and all parts thereof are original; that the Film does not contravene the rights of any person or entity and that entrants own or control the Film and all parts thereof and have the sole authority to submit the Film to the Awards; the Film entrants submitted to the Awards is not subject to nor threatened by any litigation. Entrants acknowledge that no fiduciary or confidential relationship now exists between the Awards and entrants, and entrants further acknowledge that no such relationship is established by these guidelines, the submission of the Film, or by the Awards’ acceptance, review or retention of the Film. If a film is accepted for an award, entrant may, at their discretion choose to use or not make use of that material. Consequently, the Awards have no duty to promote, continue to promote or to make promotional opportunities available to any entrant for any reason without an expression, written contract to that effect. Awards are granted at the sole discretion of LAFR Awards.