Awards And Prizes

The LAFR goal is simple: To honor the spirit, creativity, ingenuity and drive that true independent film producers are showing the world over.

Making a film with a multi-million dollar budget is incredibly difficult to do well. But, nowadays some very unique and talented filmmakers are making amazing films with less money than most people spend on a used car.

Festival programmers say all the time that they “don’t have enough slots for all the great films they receive.” Well, LAFR is trying to change that!

  • LAFR honors 12 filmmaking categories with a “Best Of” Award.
  • All “Best Of” category films receive a dedicated post on the site, with links to the production website.
  • All “Best Of” category films also receive a full review.*
  • Plus, there are individual achievement awards for best directing, best writing and best cinematography.
  • LAFR further recognizes excellence in filmmaking with gold, silver and bronze awards.
  • All winning films, including gold, silver and bronze award winners, receive a Los Angeles Film Review wreath and a mention on the site.
  • Films are not screened publicly, preserving your film’s premiere status for inclusion in festivals that have a premiere requirement.

LAFR wants to honor truly independent filmmakers and the films they make. We also want to be the first to congratulate you if you’ve completed a film and to let you know that we would be honored to review it.

Not all films will qualify.

*Full editorial review does not include gold, silver, or bronze award winners, nor the winners of individual awards for best directing, writing, or cinematography.

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