saidi’s take – 03/30/2023

Hello everyone,

Moar news…

Movie theater news:

  • I couldn’t find this mentioned on any of the standard entertainment news sites (Hollywood Reporter, Variety, etc) so it might be just a rumor: According to other news sites, Amazon the supposedly considering AQUIRING AMC theaters – the largest movie theater chain in the world.  The rumor made the AMC Theaters stock surge this week.
  • Cineworld says it has had offers to buy their theaters in countries EXCEPT the UK and the US.  They also announced that they plan to exit their chapter 11 bankruptcy soon.
  • Cinema stocks also jumped this week as Apple announced that they’re committing $1 BILLION to make movies for THEATRICAL RELEASE. 
  • Also, Apple recently announced that one of the countries that will play Martin Scorsese’s next movie “Killers of the Flower Moon” will be France.  Not sure how they’re going to do that since France has a 17 MONTH (almost a year and a half) exclusive theatrical run policy.  However, that probably won’t stop the movie from playing on Apple TV in every country EXCEPT France.

Disney Layoff News:

  • Some of the people that were laid off from Disney this week are in their “Metaverse” unit – in fact they shut down the whole unit.  The group was exploring next generation storytelling and consumer experiences.  I guess they don’t think that’s needed anymore.
  • They also laid of their chief compliance officer this week.
  • Also, they laid off the head of Marvel Entertainment (not connected to Marvel Studios movies/TV shows – he was in charge of Marvel consumer products).

New trailers:

  • If you were wondering what Pixars movie this summer “Elemental” is about, they just released the full trailer for the movie.
  • Plus they just released the trailer for “Asteroid City”, the new Wes Anderson movie opening this summer.

Little bit of humor:

Batman doesn’t look too bad without ears.