Saidi’s Take – 12/10/2022

Hello everyone,

There’s quite a bit of movie news this week.

  • This weekend the box office is expected to be even lower than last weekend with the holidays coming up and the only wide opening is the award hopeful “Empire of Light”.  People are predicting it could be one of the lowest box office weekends of the year which has already had some of the lowest box office weekends EVER (not including when the pandemic closed most movie theaters in 2020-21)
  • A few days ago I mentioned that “The Flash” release date was moved up a week next summer to June 13th.  Well, a couple days ago the R-rated comedy starring Jennifer Lawrence “No Hard Feelings” which was going to open on that date decided to move to the former “The Flash” release date.
  • It was just announced that the new heads of DC films at Warner Bros Discovery decided they’re NOT going to release a 3rd“Wonder Woman” movie.  At least not soon.  Also, there’s a quote from James Gunn, one of the new heads of DC films, that “Jason Momoa could be done as Aquaman……perhaps playing a different DC character down the road”.
  • A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that Rhiannas new song from the “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” soundtrack is a shoe in to win the Academy Award for best song next March, but I didn’t know the other big names that have also released songs in movies this year.  Big names like Taylor Swift and (previous winner) Lady Gaga.  So, there could be some competition for best song.

Little bit of humor: How many other words can you find????

The funniest thing is that’s the writer/director of the “Glass Onion” movie suggesting that.