Saidi’s Take – 11/8/2022

  • This past weekends box office had “Black Adam” retain the #1 position with approx. $18 million but the new animated release “One Piece Film: Red” surprisingly made it to #2 with approx. $9.3 million.  It beat “Ticket to Paradise” which was #3 with approx. $8.5 million.  Overall, the weekend had a disappointing total of approx. $58 million which is down 15% from last weekend and is the #8 lowest box office weekend of the year.  All hopes are for next week when “Black Panther Wakanda Forever” should do big business.
  • A big surprise is that “Smile” in its 6th weekend is STILL in the top 5 of the box office – the only movie in the top 5 that has been playing in theaters for over a month – and has made almost $100 million domestic and OVER $200 million total worldwide.  Not bad for a movie that cost $12 million.  You can bet they’re working on a sequel right now.
  • International box office also put “Black Adam” worldwide total to over $300 million.  
  • They just announced today that talk show host Jimmy Kimmel will be hosting the Academy Awards show next year.  He previously said he’d never do it again, but it looks like adding his wife as an executive producer on the show convinced him to come back again.  It also helps that ABC network airs his “Jimmy Kimmel Live” talk show and airs the Academy Awards show.  Hopefully,  him hosting the show may help to get more high-profile guest stars to his talk show.  Other than Disney movies (Disney owns the ABC network so it owns “Jimmy Kimmel Live”) his talk show only has the occasional high profile guest star.  I always thought that was weird since his show and James Corden show are the ONLY shows that film in Los Angeles.  Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers, and Trevor Noahs shows all tape in New York City.
  • James Cameron recently said that if “Avatar Way of the Water” doesn’t do well at the box office then he might just end the movie series with the almost completed “Avatar 3”.  He might be hearing all the people saying that no one cares about “Avatar” anymore, or he might be joining other directors who are upset they have to work with Disney now.  The first “Avatar” was released by 20th Century Fox which is now owned by Disney.  The next 2 “Avatar” movies will be released by 20th Century Studios – but they’re really Disney releases since they own the studio.  
  • Netflix released the final trailer for “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery” 2 weeks before it’s exclusive 1 week theatrical engagement in movie theaters.  The trailer looks TERRIBLE to me (whole lot of overacting in the trailer) but I liked the first movie and the new movie has gotten some good reviews.

Little bit of humor….

This might be why “Smile” has made over $200 million globally.

Those AREN’T CARDBOARD CUTOUTS.  THOSE ARE REAL PEOPLE!!!!!  Imagine what the people sitting next to them thought.  “You gonna stand like that for the whole game?

Whatever gets them views…