Saidi’s Take – 10/31/2022

Movie news, Halloween edition

  • After last weekends $114 million total box office, the box office slump returned for the Halloween weekend.  The only wide opening was “Prey for the Devil” which came in #3 with $7 million.  The top 2 was the same as last weeks top 2.  “Black Adam” was #1 with approx. $27.5 million (down almost 60% from the previous weekend) and #2 was “Ticket to Paradise” (down approx. 37% from last weekend).  The wider releases of “Till” and “Tár” put the movies into the top 10.  “Till” added almost 2000 screens and it’s box office went up 673% to come in at #6 with approx. $2.8 million.  “Tár” added approx. 950 screens and went up 100% to come in at at #10 with $1 million.  
  • Overall the top weekend box office was approx. $68 million which was approx. 7% higher than the same weekend last year but pre-pandemic it was the lowest end of October weekend since the 1990s.  Things aren’t looking good for next weekend either with NO wide releases scheduled.
  • Internationally, “Black Adam” is still doing well with it’s worldwide total over $250 million.  Since “Ticket to Paradise” opened internationally before domestically it’s international numbers are still going down but it made around $120 million worldwide after this past weekend.  The scary movies “Smile” and “Halloween Ends” are doing well internationally.  “Smile” is at a worldwide total of $186 million and “Halloween Ends” is at a worldwide total of $95 million.

Little bit of humor….

That could be true but if you complain enough maybe they’ll stop making bad sequels and reboots.