Saidi’s take – 9/28/2022

The Epix premium cable channel was just renamed “MGM+” which seems kind of odd to me since MGM is now owned by Amazon (shouldn’t they just put the MGM library on Amazon Prime?).  Also, the premium cable channel “Starz” will be renamed “Lionsgate+” in countries OTHER than the U,S, and Canada.  So, that leaves only Sony as a major studio without a streaming channel.

Ryan Reynolds took to social media yesterday (including LINKED IN for some reason) to announce that “Deadpool 3” will be coming out in about 2 years (Labor Day weekend 2024).  It will feature Hugh Jackman as Wolverine (although he was killed in the movie “Logan”).  Then he and Hug Jackman posted a follow up video explaining how Wolverine will be in the new movie and if the movie will be part of the Disney Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Unfortunately, a song by Wham drowns out what they say (at least it wasn’t the “Never Gonna Give You Up” song by Rick Astley).  First link below is the announcement.  The second is the “explanation”.

The Star Trek sequel which was scheduled for next summer but was rescheduled for Christmas next year has been removed from the calendar due to the director leaving to direct the Marvel “Fantastic Four” movie.