review – sausage party

Directors Conrad Vernon and Greg Tiernan take a huge bite out of the Pixar cake and flip the formula right on its head in the wonderfully crude Sausage Party. Written by the four-man team of Seth Rogan, Evan Goldberg, Kyle Hunter and Ariel Shaffir, they take the gloves off and deliver the kind of comedic honesty that few would dare to bring to a live action film. Once the novelty of watching our most cherished foodstuffs spout an almost absurd number of f-bombs wears off, we get to settle in to a really funny little story about a sausage named Frank and his journey of discovery alongside his grocery store pals.

The writers have a lot of fun with the set-ups in the lead up to Frank’s discovery that things aren’t quite as our food friends have been led to believe. Once there, the voice talent, which reads like a veritable who’s who in comedy, get to really shine. With the level of talent assembled, it would almost be impossible to have created anything other than the hilarious little romp Vernon and Tiernan created. If you’re easily offended, then obviously a picture like this probably shouldn’t be really high on your list of must-see’s, but if you’re in the mood to set any semblance of political correctness aside and have a nice fat belly laugh or three, then Sausage Party might just be right up your alley.