review – the man from u.n.c.l.e.


When was the last time you left the theater fully refreshed?

When was the last movie where you were thoroughly entertained? When was the last ticket where you bought where you got more than your money’s worth? If it’s been too long…you really need to see this movie. Yeah, it really is that good. If you’re not laughing long and loud and often, you simply aren’t paying attention. But that could be forgiven; some of the funniest parts are those where the lead characters also have no idea what’s going on. Imagine, pairing the actors who played Superman and The Lone Ranger, and sending them back to the Cold War era to locate a missing disk. Of course, the world’s fate hangs in the balance. It always did back in 1961. Sex is implied but never shown. Violence is mitigated by use of split-screens. The wit is dry, wry, and often sly. There’s no language in here to embarrass anyone.

This is entertainment for everyone – and it just keeps moving. Who knew spy movies could be so much fun? The casting may be curious, but the chemistry is undeniable. Cavill, Hammer and Vikander really seem to like each other. And Director Guy Ritchie seems to be having a ball making this film. There are double crosses and triple crosses and there’s even a bit of suspense at the end. But then, just to make sure you remember what’s going on, one character starts singing like a bird. And, in the end, everything wraps up in a way that seems to promise a sequel. That would be wonderful.