Hailing from Beirut, Lebanon, Hend is a delicate reflection on complex relationships and the depth of the maternal bond. Within the quiet confines of this beautifully shot short film, first time writer / director Stephanie Bou Habib has delivered a tranquil, engaging film. Cherif (Julian Farhat) is devoted to the care of his ailing mother. Without a word of dialogue, Bou Habib gives us an intimate view into Cherif’s world. When Cherif’s steady routine is disrupted however, we soon discover the depth behind his relationship with his mother and see how still waters can truly run deep.

In Hend, Bou Habib chronicles the day to day with a flair for visual artistry. Coupled with the superbly crafted technical work of cinematographer Tarek Korkomaz, Hend moves through it’s story world with ease and grace. Throughout this quiet piece, one is easily taken from scene to scene, happy to be invited into such a lovingly crafted world. The film never loses sight of it’s through line and the confidence displayed on screen speaks volumes to the talent of this young director. We can only speculate as to where this talented filmmaker will go next, though with Hend, she has clearly shown that she has the goods to make a some powerful cinema.