Zac Efron Poised To Escape Being ‘Zac Efron’?


Okay, let’s just face it…when you think “Zac Efron”, what comes to mind? Do you picture Oscars, powerful performances, roles right alongside some of Hollywood’s biggest and brightest?

I don’t know about you, all I see are Mickey Mouse ears. Shaking free of the Disney chains can be a real tough journey. Even with a lot of careful publicity and positioning, changing gears from tween sensation to adult acceptance can all go to pot on one crummy film. He seems to be going about the route pretty cleverly though, with a nice transitional role in ‘Neighbors’. Sprinkle a few nice indie slots and some HBO (via ‘Entourage’) and he might just have a shot at continuing life sans a day job when he’s 45.

His latest pic ‘We Are Your Friends’ is making waves over at AFM, picking up some strong distribution, with a big close on the Brothers Warner for the domestic. Studio Canal seems to be driving it along, be interesting to see if ol’ Zac can break on through to the other side of High School Musicals with his dignity in tact.

Read the full artcile via AFM: Studiocanal Widely Sells Zac Efron Starrer ‘We Are Your Friends’ | Variety.