50 Shades of Nope

Christian Grey is going to require some re-casting as cable TV heartthrob Charlie Hunnam has apparently backed out of playing the BDSM obsessed lead character from the hit novel by E.L. James. While we’ll probably never know what really went on in those meetings, it seems at least certain that production will be delayed.

As pointed out in the article at Variety, such delays will hardly amount to much in the grand scheme, as this is production is likely to amount to little more than a glorified Cinemax late night production from the 90’s. Let’s face it, people that dig the books will come out no matter what, which basically means it will be the same crowd that keeps the ‘Sex in the City’ franchise afloat. Hardly the demographic that cares about production value.

From ‘Twilight’ fan fic to 100 million plus selling book to a film that seemingly can’t get made. Seems this should have been a no-brainer, though if they keep delaying long enough, they’ll be making a film about books that are long forgotten.

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