Another Pass On ‘Stretch Armstrong’


Relativity Media seems to have bounced ‘Stretch Armstrong’ back to the “no” pile. The only question left in my mind is: “why was this even considered in the first place?” The devoted reader might notice at the end of the Variety piece that Universal had already planned a 2010 ‘Stretch’ film with the card board cut out of an actor known as Taylor Lautner.

So, that puts TWO production companies that have at least entertained the notion of a ‘Stretch Armstrong’ movie. This just makes me want to drop a Three Stooges style face slap on whoever dreamed this up. It’s a toy. It’s a toy that no one in any meaningful demographic gives two hoots about. Unless this script is the most tongue in cheek, hilarious comedy romp to make fun of a ludicrous idea in years, this is simply a turkey of an idea.

At least someone came to their senses before making this money losing pig.

Full story at Variety.