George Clooney Chides Money Man


Hats off to Mr. George Clooney for pointing the obvious hypocrisy in statements made by hedge fund asshole Daniel Loeb. I mean, seriously, these finance people are probably the biggest scumbags ever in the history of mankind. That they traipse around with an air of legitimacy for what is otherwise just a naked scam is appalling.

So, when these useless excuses for humanity start firing away at the ineptitude of OUR industry, they can go take a nice long walk off the roof of whatever bank building our tax payer dollars just paid for. Now, I’m not one to toss a few digs around our industry as well, but I work in it. This Loeb character wouldn’t know what work was if it bit him.

At any rate, it’s good to see that the heads over at Sony are quietly ignoring this buffoon. Even nicer still that George Clooney isn’t letting him off at all. I personally think Mr. Clooney made very good points.

But, no matter what, every time I look at Clooney, all I see is the character he played in ER. Not the ‘cool’ ER, but the really cruddy looking one that was shot on video. I really have been in this business too long.

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