Wolverine Disappoints In US, Told You So…Sort Of

Last week, we opined that ‘Wolverine’ would open much lower than expectations, predicting a $45 million dollar nod, while the larger industry predicted in the $65-$75 million range. Turns out the Hugh Jackman led film came in at $55 Million, so less than them, but more than us.

What the execs seem bent on ignoring is age old wisdom that actors have been following for years. When you’re hot, sometimes you have to lay low to stay hot. Audiences tire of actors, themes and genres. And, if there was ever a genre that was really at risk for becoming the next “western” it is the comic book genre. The studios have been cranking these things out at an alarming pace, fueled by the successes.

But, those successes are starting to look a little bleaker, the margins are really starting to tumble and the budgets keep climbing. One good turn by a film that mocks the whole idea effectively could sink this very vulnerable ship. Just think what ‘Blazing Saddles’ did to the western genre in the 70’s. A clever and funny script mocking the comic book films could easily spell the end for grown men in tights, with nipples on their suits drawing billion dollar revenues.


Well, there’s always the overseas market. It seems those lot will watch almost anything.

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