Werner Herzog Public Service Documentary


It’s nice to see the offbeat Mr. Herzog applying his directing prowess to something bigger than his usual auteur faire. As far as I’m concerned, this is probably one of the most dangerous activities that people routinely participate in with relative abandon.

I remember reading a story, where the reporters got drunk and then participated in driving tests that were designed to challenge their emergency avoidance reaction times. They then came back the next day sober and did another round of tests, but this time while typing text messages. Turns out, text messaging was WAY more dangerous.

The reaction times for the drunks were just barely over the reaction times sober, but when it came to texting, the reaction times went through the roof. In one case, one of the drivers ran over a cardboard “pedestrian” and dragged it for quite a distance before he even realized something had gone wrong. So, good for Mr. Herzog, and for the texting while driving lot of you, put the damn phone down. I might just smack you in the back of the head.

Read the story at: Deadline.com.