Yet Another Prediction Of ‘The End Of Movies’

Hey, a fat guy with an opinion about films. Hmm, I seem to know another one of those…

This time round though, Mr. Big and Tall here is predicting the end of theatrical entertainment. Allow me a moment to ‘yawn’ stretch. Best I can tell, this particular line of thinking has been going on since the beginning of film. As in, going all the way back to Edison.

The gist of the argument is that audiences only go because they’re used to it, newer generations won’t bother and franchise films suck. Okay, fair points I suppose. But, it leaves out the crucial element…dates. Movies are great for dates, just ask anyone in the world that has ever taken someone on a date to the movies.

Thing is, I agree that there is a real lack of original content and far too much lazy film making and lazy film marketing. But, that is the way this industry has been operating for the last 100 years straight, without even the slightest deviation. What I predict happening, is that motion pictures are going to be just fine for the foreseeable future.

Nowhere else are there as many resources and raw dollars put into making movies work than in the movie industry. Even the mighty HBO can’t compete on these budgets, nor on these ad dollars. What they get in subscriber and license fees is it, and let’s not forget just how much of their business model is built on licensing studio films as well.

I think we’re headed for another American renaissance in film. One that models Fox Searchlight’s financial model more than Disney’s. I think the budgets will come down, the quality will go up and the ‘good’ tent pole films will still make a bundle. How’s that for a prediction.

Movies are dead my eye.

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