‘The Butterfly Effect’ Reboot?


Does this really even need to be commented on? Okay, I’ll admit I saw the original and I actually didn’t mind it too much. I was always very impressed with Ms. Smart’s performance in the film and was otherwise not too bothered by the whole affair.

But a ‘re-boot’?

If one can’t see the financial trainwreck coming in the form of this shoddy idea, then I’ve got a lot of really expensive bridges to sell as well. Look I hate re-boots. I think they’re either:

Extremely lazy; or

For b.s. copyright extension reasons.

Either way, they’re not very creative. And, that’s fine, not every film has to be some sort of masterpiece. But, just a cursory glance at the business model of a re-boot clearly shows that to re-boot something, it either has to be a great concept far out of mainstream memory, inherently cool or something people otherwise give a rat’s ass about.

“The Butterfly Effect’ fails on all counts. Perhaps FilmEngine and Benderspink will come to their senses. Or not. Or perhaps they’ll just show me what’s what.

Anyone taking bets?

See the “exclusive” silliness over at Variety.