‘The Heat’ Notches Another Solid Box Office Showing For McCarthy

It seems Ms. McCarthy has a knack for making pictures people actually want to watch. This is rather unlike the latest big budget bomb in ‘White House Down’, which was squarely trounced by ‘The Heat’, ‘Monsters University’, and ‘World War Z’. The clever might notice that save for the Sandra Bullock film, all of those films that beat ‘WHD’ are well into their release schedules. Kudos to the Fox exec who realized that women like movies too, they don’t necessarily always want to watch romantic comedies and they have money to spend on entertainment geared towards their tastes.

Now if we can just get more women in Congress.

But, really, was anyone going to watch ‘White House Down’? That title and the story line behind it might have been something that would gain traction if audiences were as sophisticated as they were in 1996. Things have changed in the real world, apparently the executive class is too busy patting themselves on the back for how few people they laid off this year.

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