Ben Affleck Considering A Turn In Fincher’s ‘Gone Girl’

For a guy that I almost immediately wrote off as a joke when I first saw him act, Mr. Affleck here has gone on to show me just how little I know about this damn business. Turns out he’s a pretty good writer, director, actor and otherwise swell guy with an enormous head.

Not ego wise. His head is enormous. Like, physically grande. Perhaps it needs to be to keep track of all those awards he gets nominated for. It appears that none other than Reese WItherspoon will be producing, her company having grabbed up the rights to the underlying literary property for a cool $1.5 Million. The book has some strong critical acclaim and appears otherwise to be a twisted mess. In a good way.

The only trouble I see on the horizon is that they’ve tapped the author to pen the screenplay. That’s about as rare a successful transition as the one from TV actor to film actor. But, Fincher, Affleck and Witherspoon are all pretty capable performers. I’m sure they’ll shepherd this picture to success.

Check out the story over at The Hollywood Reporter.