Johnny Depp To Squeeze New Role Between Tired Ones


It appears that a long stalled project over at the Warner camp has had new life breathed into it by the mighty Lionsgate. The description of the Charlie Mortdecai character sounds like exactly the kind of film Johnny Depp has apparently been genetically modified to star in.

Mr. Depp is apparently going to squeeze this little picture right between some more Disney silliness in ‘Into the Woods’ (gee, wonder where they got that idea…?) and Pirates 5. John Kamps of ‘Premium Rush’ fame has been (apparently) tapped to scribe the picture, so it would seem that that film’s terrible showing after a massively delayed release hasn’t kept him from picking up A-list work.

An otherwise seemingly capable executive suite will be helming the production. Me personally, I just hope Mr. Depp acts really eccentric in this one. You know, for a change.

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