Bruckheimer’s Future in Question Over ‘Lone Ranger’? Hah!

Let’s just start this conversation with a big fat “gimme a break”. I’m pretty sure Mr. Bruckheimer isn’t cutting back on the grocery list and making sure to turn off the lights to save money. As one of the many execs interviewed noted, everyone in this town flops sooner or later. And, most flop often.

But, that’s the nature of the gig. Taste is a fickle thing and as much as I like to make fun of what a seemingly easy thing it was to realize that this film was going to go the way of the ‘John Carter’ catastrophe (and for much the same reasons), the notion that Jerry Bruckheimer has been anything but a massive net positive is simply pandering for headlines. I’m pretty sure that execs everywhere in the world can see that, not the least of which, would include Mr. Bruckheimer himself.

I still think ‘Pirates 5’ is going to stink. But, I’m wrong about that stuff all the time. Be sure to check out the “story” at: The Hollywood Reporter.