‘Curse of Chucky’ Movie Trailer

The doll that is most suitably featured in YouTube skits featuring the beloved Chuck seemingly driving a car is now slated to be re-booted. All I can say is “sigh”. There is some hope in that, it’s coming straight to DVD and Blu-Ray, which basically means nothing. As in, when’s the last time you bought a DVD?

All I can say is, “Make it scary, I dare you”.

Oh, wait, they’ve been trying to do that for over 25 years. There has to be money is this crap somewhere, because they keep cranking these things out. I for one haven’t the foggiest idea how this particular accounting magic happens. At any rate, this latest P.O.S seems to feature actresses that actually have less range, but more plastic than the antagonist. Anything to book a gig, right?

As far as I’m concerned, the best part of the “fictional universe” that is the “Child’s Play” franchise, is the number of dentists that will still fork over money to fund these silly things. Thanks Universal.

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