Boston Marathon Bombing To Become Entertainment

So, the jackasses in suits have decided that a great big mess of a horrifying human tragedy is now worthy of monetizing. The people that run entertainment and media these days are apparently absolutely soulless. I have come to a point where I dare not click a link for my news, because inevitably, the LA Times or some other sad sack of an un-innovative old media giant wants to try and sell me a Chevy before I find out how many innocent people died in some terrible manner. Meaning, they run those damn ads in front of everything they post. It’s sick if you ask me.

All I can say is that I hope this flops. I hope the people trying to cash in on human misery flop. And, I hope that no one in their right mind will help pay for the cocaine habit of the a-holes that think making dramatic films about this sort of thing is okay. Well, off the soap box now.

The book is as yet written, so perhaps it will be insightful. The fact that they chose to write it so quickly speaks either to their passion or their greed. Call me cynical, but that they chose to press lit agents for it and then subsequently signed, my bet is on the almighty $.

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