‘Big Brother’ Host Capitalizes On Racist Language

Big BrotherOkay, so this is a film site. And, reality TV can go jump in a lake for all I care, but this just bugs me.

I mean really, is it just me, or does it seem that people that are attracted to being talking heads on television shows will literally do almost anything to pander to an audience? The thing that bothers me the most about these shows that air “controversial” viewpoints, is the way they try and position it. The notion that somehow they put this content out there to simply “show that things are still bad” is, quite frankly, ridiculous.

The bigger concern I have, however, is that, they are helping to reinforce the viewpoints they are airing. Let’s be serious for a second here, there are people that are racist. But, I think a far larger segment is not racist, but rather ignorant or prejudiced. I don’t really care about them either, except when some media source, (in this case CBS) airs this sort of thing. Because, when they do, those ignorant or prejudiced viewpoints are now being broadcast.

The ignorance and short sighted nature of this programming really belies the gross irresponsibility of the people in charge of this stuff. That they will promote these viewpoints just to get “buzz” and ratings is disgusting.

The worst is watching the “TV personalities” like Ms. Chen here jump on for personal gain as well.

| TheWrap TV.