Pennsylvania keeps tax advantage | News | Screen

filminpa_logoGood to see the film industry hustlers are still able to leverage glitter, glamor and a seriously flawed accounting system to continue convincing state Legislatures to fund their films. Now, I know there are a HUGE amount of detractors to my sentiments. To those people I say and go ahead and detract all you like. I think you’re all wrong. State governments have no business incentivizing our industry. It encourages shoddy business practices in an industry already rife with oddball contractual maneuvering, payment shenanigans and all manner of otherwise shitty behavior.

I get it, it’s hard to raise a budget for your pet project. But, it’s also hard for a lot of these states to educate their kids, keep the industries that were actually established in those states to stay, or even offer basic services like police. But yet, some film studio that had record profits last year gets an incentive? It’s a scam, pure and simple and it only serves to continue the image of the entertainment industry being a bunch of sleeze bags. This sort of lobbying only serves to put our industry in the same league as the tobacco companies, drug companies and Wall Street. So, thanks Pennsylvania, you’re going to help make a bunch of B-grade crap films so a select few of your citizens can be hired on as locals.

Temporarily. Should have subsidized the steel industry, methinks. Check out the details over at Screen Daily.