‘Terminator 5’ To Be 1st of 3 Films

The age of the “re-re-boot” appears to be continuing unabated. Despite Disney’s seeming ability to continually expand their copyright claims, the studios just can’t get enough of the creative equivalent of retread tires. “Used, still good” should be the mantra in the executive suites anymore, though I will give them credit. Unlike the “golden age” of filmmaking, when the “reboots” were westerns and detective / mob films with slight variations and new posters, this new breed of creative laziness gets to keep the title. The studios have at least managed to streamline that department, not to mention, it helps ensure the over occupied viewing public can remember what they’re supposed to like.

Wonder what’s next, film “pilot” season? Perhaps we’re already there? This particular reboot is apparently going to include Mr. Schwarzenegger himself, showing off his increasingly creepy and otherwise Plasticine looking countenance. At any rate, Dwayne Johnson is apparently being looked at as well, which I think would be a fine choice for this franchise. The executive team in charge of Terminator 5 is a fairly epic assortment of box office magicians and otherwise clearly capable producers.

I just keep thinking that sooner or later, audiences will tire of these serialized films. But, someone like me probably lamented the same thing back in John Ford’s day. Cash from chaos and a bit of fluff, the industry keeps on churning them out, for better or for worse.

As long as they remember to keep making room for original voices, I think things will be just fine.

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