Luc Besson’s EuropaCorp Shows Record Profit

luc-bessonLuc Besson’s bank account seems to have grown a bit larger, according to an article in today’s Variety. EuropaCorp announced record profits, posting better than $240 Million in revenue at the end of their fiscal year.

The production company is touting itself as bringing diversity to their portfolio, crediting that with the rise in overall revenue. But, a closer look at the numbers will show that a large percentage of that increase is due to the popularity of the Taken franchises.

Television revenue was up as well, but the overall impact of that revenue still appears to be eclipsed by the film products on their roster. Filmed entertainment, being the fickle business that it is, makes the diversification strategy at EuropaCorp a smart play.

Though the company has a demonstrated track record, a cursory glance at their line reveals that a couple of poorly timed flops could lead to financially damaging headlines.

But, they’ve hired on accomplished management in the form of Lisa Ellzey, formerly of Lionsgate. With her at the helm of production, they should continue enjoying broad success with their filmed properties.

Provided they continue to reinvest those revenues wisely and away from their production core, Mr. Besson just might become the next big film mogul out there.

Be sure to check out the article at Variety.