Director James Franco Quits Movie

Celebrity heartthrob James Franco has apparently decided that he’s a big enough of a draw now that he can bounce a project weeks before shooting because he didn’t get his way.

According to the report at Deadline Hollywood, Mr. Franco was, as best I can tell, trying to hook his buddies up with some legit credits. The bond company balked however, saying the crew picks lacked experience.

Even at the modest reported budget of $3 million, the financiers still wouldn’t back down on the bond issue, not that I blame them. Look at it this way, if the bond company isn’t going to underwrite the crew, with Franco at the helm, at this budget level AND with an experienced producing staff backing him up, then that crew must have been awfully dodgy.

Now, who is taking bets on when the Ph.D. candidate Franco decides to push ahead, in spite of the insurers misgivings and drops a Kickstarter campaign on the world?

I mean, why not? He’s only managed to squander half a million so far. Why not spread some fan money on a risk that a pro won’t underwrite? The underlying property looks promising enough, with a well pedigreed writer.

Just hope Jimmy bought the rights if he does find a way to “get er’ done”.

Check out the full story at Deadline Hollywood