Neeson Wants $20 Million For ‘Taken 3′ Gig

I don’t know why Mr. Neeson thinks he deserves so much gosh darned money. It’s not as if the last two times he played this role, the titles ended up grossing half-a-billion dollars collectively world wide.

Nope, nothing like that at all.

One can never really tell how well these franchises will build. I for one was surprised at the notion of a Taken 2. But, I’m also notoriously crap at predicting what people like, what kind of films should be produced and when.

Tis’ a large part of the reason I write about the damn things, rather than making them. That and a distinct lack of talent. But, nonetheless, I’m certain he’ll get the dough he wants.

The execs would have to be complete knuckleheads to quibble over this one, but I have a sneaking suspicion the drop on the salary is more about pub than any real negotiations going on. Have to think the ink was already dry on this one.

Luc Besson appears to be ready to write up some new fun ways for the stoic ex-CIA man to go out and break stuff. Might just be the new ‘Dirty Harry’.

And there ol’ Liam always seemed so sensitive before all this action and shoot em’ up material. Plays a helluva tough guy though, I’ll give him that. Let’s just hope #3 doesn’t turn out to be one number too big.

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