McCarthy’s ‘The Counselor’ Trailer

Still From 20th Century Fox’s Trailer for ‘The Counselor’

New trailer out for Fox’s new film The Counselor, based on the book by Cormac McCarthy. While most are quick to tout the wonderful adaptation of Mr. McCarthy’s No Country For Old Men, I still have in recent memory a rather “less than stellar” adaptation of The Road.

I loved the book The Road. The movie, let’s just say “less”.

But, with Mr. Ridley Scott at the helm, coupled with the ever expanding range of Michael Fasbender on hand, the only thing that might muck this up is too much Brad and Cameron being Brad and Cameron.

Mr. Pitt looks pretty solid in the trailer, but I think he can be awfully hit or miss in these critical roles.

Perhaps Fasbender can carry the whole works? What do you think?

‘The Counselor’ Trailer On YouTube