The Lone Ranger An “Old West Odd Couple”?

The Lone Ranger Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer Old West Odd Couple (Video) | The Guardian Express.

There is actually a bet at work that this film won’t do better than $150 Million at the North American box office. The usual pundits proclaiming that it would be “impossible” for this film to flop.

However, the Magical Mouse has had its share of mistakes in the not so recent past (John Carter anyone?) that were also based on franchises that most 20 somethings today have no idea even existed.

Sure it’s Johnny Depp too, but this is also a western. Time will tell I suppose, but the nice folks at the Guardian seem to have enjoyed the trailer a great deal. I’ve seen the trailer as well though.

I, for one, am betting against this one.