No Stunts For Channing Tatum In “White House Down” |

I for one will never understand the impetus of anyone wanting to do stunts. There’s a really good reason why they hire professional knuckleheads to do that work, because it’s dangerous. 

I do have to say however, that should Mr. Tatum be allowed to try to injure himself in the future, it might just be the best marketing the film could have if he did end up breaking an arm.

Have you seen the guy’s demographic?

Anyway, this film appears to be right in line with a long line of “Ah geez, I don’t know what to make of this crap, it could go either way” at the box office type films that the studios just seem bent on putting out there.

And, Steven Spielberg is worried about the industry collapsing? I don’t see how that’s possible when the studios are seemingly completely focused on making films that appeal primarily to foreign audiences.

Like, perhaps this one? Only the numbers will tell, but I’d wager a stronger show overseas. How about you?

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