Alexa and ‘The Host’



THE HOST is the latest film from the visually inventive mind of New Zealand-born director Andrew Niccol, whose credits include GATTACA and LORD OF WAR. His previous feature, IN TIME, was the first foray into digital moviemaking for cinematographer Roger Deakins, ASC, BSC, who chose to work with the ARRI ALEXA. Won over by his experience with ALEXA, Niccol suggested using it again to his DP on THE HOST, Roberto Schaefer, ASC, AIC, who has shot many of his films — such as THE KITE RUNNER and QUANTUM OF SOLACE — with ARRI film cameras and lenses.

Schaefer was comfortable with the choice. He had worked with ALEXA before on commercials and a TV pilot; THE HOST was his first ALEXA feature. He decided to combine the camera with ARRI/ZEISS Master Prime lenses, with which he was very familiar, and to use Hollywood Black Magic filters throughout. Partly due to the extensive visual effects in the film, he chose to record ARRIRAW, the highest quality possible with ALEXA, using Codex Onboard recorders.

via ARRI Group: News.