Fox Searchlight Buys ‘The Way, Way Back’ For Nearly $10 Million |

UPDATE: SUNDANCE DEAL PRECEDENT PART 2 – Fox Searchlight Confirms ‘The Way, Way Back’ Deal For Nearly $10 Million –

Wow, this feels just like the 90’s all over again. Does that really say $10 million? Those crazy execs, once they start banging something around like that, it’s amazing to see what sort of numbers they’ll toss just to be sure “they get it”.

You just have to love the “independent spirit” that’s in a film like this. “Directed and scripted by Oscar-winning The Descendants scribes Nat Faxon and Jim Rash, The Way, Way Back stars Carell [and] Sam Rockwell…”

Wow, it’s almost like they were using this bidding war as a way to get some free press. They’d never do a thing like that, would they? Indie film my ear.

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