‘Reno 911!’ Creators Deliver ‘Hell Baby’ To Sundance | Indiewire

Meet the 2013 Sundance Filmmakers #26: ‘Reno 911!’ Creators Send Up the Horror Genre in ‘Hell Baby’ | Filmmakers, Film Industry, Film Festivals, Awards & Movie Reviews | Indiewire.

It appears that the boys in beige have ambled their way into Wayan Brother’s territory with a spoof about movies that are really pretty easy to spoof.

Give them credit though, they are pretty funny folks and hopefully they will avoid the easy laughs and actually work at this one a bit.

There is room for some concern however, as they were talking in the interview about trying to stay on their 20-day shoot schedule.

Guess that ‘Reno 911’ money wasn’t enough to come up with an easier shooting schedule. I just hope the film doesn’t look like it was shot in 20 days.

But, I’m sure it will. Hope they made it funny.

Be sure to check out the interview over at Indiewire.