Christopher Nolan in Talks to Direct ‘Interstellar’

Uber director and box office phenom Christopher Nolan is apparently in discussions about the prospect of directing his brother Jonathan’s latest sci-fi film Interstellar. There was apparently a bit of contention in attempting to negotiate the deal, as Paramount had already set up the deal, but the director Nolan has an imprint under the Warner Bros. banner.

Of course, in the end, money saved the day. As in, there wasn’t an exec in the room that would have let this deal go away over some territorial rights squabbling. Outside their normal range of human experience, it appears that the attorneys on this one decided that share and share alike would be just fine.

The fine folks at Paramount picking up domestic rights in the deal, with the rest of the world left to Warner’s capable distribution machine. It’s almost as if the prospect of making another billion dollars on a new Nolan / Nolan flick brought them back to the days of their youth, just trading those marbles back and forth.